About Us

Welcome to Na-Vida Distributors Ltd. We are New Zealand owned and focused on distributing and marketing the NaturVital range of products because we believe in the product. It is with great enthusiasm we present this product in New Zealand and Australia.

NaturVital team consists of professionals working every day to offer you the best products and the best service. The Spanish manufacturers have high values and invest a lot of time and research in developing a hypoallergenic, plant-based natural product that is safe to use for everyone. They have high production standards, friendly manufacturing methods and are against testing on animals. NaturVital compensates for its CO2 emissions, playing a part in preventing climate change as well as using recyclable packaging.

We at Na-Vida Distributors Limited want YOU to have a Hypoallergenic, healthy hair care option.  We would like you to enjoy our NaturVital products and the benefits they offer you every day due to our effort and dedication.

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Ecocert Certified

NaturVital products contain active ingredients from organic agriculture and plant sulfates which guarantee natural effectiveness. NaturVital is certified by Ecocert. Ecocert is the first certifying body to develop a standard for “Natural and Organic Cosmetic Products”/ A guarantee for the consumer and environmental protection. Click here for more information about Ecocert.

Efficiency Tested

Despite the fact that the natural active ingredients have all been proven individually to be beneficial to the health of the hair and scalp, we believe it is necessary to test them together under actual usage conditions, in a controlled study using scientific methodology.  Al NaturVital products are dermatological tested by University of Barcelona.

Our Philosophy

NaturVital Believes in the wisdom of  Nature and Respects the Environment

NaturVital has a team committed to a working philosophy which, as far as possible, respects the Environment, because NaturVital believes in the wisdom of Nature. It is the Nature which offers us the most important components for the products NaturVital researches, develops and produces. That’s why, NaturVital believes that caring for it and respecting it, its environments and its resources, is a natural thing. As our highest aspiration is always to support the protection of the environment, our working methods are always entirely environmentally friendly.
NaturVital also rejects any activity that is aggressive towards ecosystems.

NaturVital is against animal experimentation!

The concept of not testing our products on animals has always formed part of our brand philosophy. Our principles also address the fact that we avoid the use of ingredients of animal origin in our formulas.