Our Story

There is always some story behind any brand or company. Here is our story.

“After becoming allergic to standard hair dyes from salons and supermarkets back in 2012, I was horrified to then learn what in fact the ingredients were actually in hair dyes, and how nasty and harmful these are!

From that, I hunted all through NZ and Australia for a dye that did not have these ingredients and found nothing available.  Then while travelling Europe I found NaturVital and endeavoured to visit the manufacturing company in Barcelona, Spain. Unfortunately, it was their summer holiday break so I ended up returning to NZ without seeing them.

By accident I tripped over a NaturVital NZ website and found that the product was actually already available in NZ.  I contacted the distributor (then based in Christchurch) and had a lengthy conversation with them.  I had become allergic to the sun (I am olive complexion so this just shocked me), mosquito bites and even suffered bad reactions from wasp stings ending up in hospital – bizzare, given I hadn’t been allergic to these 5 years earlier.

From this I changed all my products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, hair dye of course, etc) to NaturVital to eliminate as much chemical from my use as possible.  Remember, our bodies absorb through the skin including the scalp!

Two years later, I no longer reacted to the sun, mosquito bites and no further hospital stays from wasp stings!  The only thing I changed was eliminating as much chemical from my product use as possible.  I was so astounded with this!  It goes to show that our bodies just can’t deal with so much chemical.

I was so impressed that I bought and took over the NaturVital and CorporeSano exclusive distributorship for New Zealand AND Australia end of March 2016.

And that is how Na-Vida Distributors Ltd was born!

And we now avidly promote eliminating as much chemical from what we use as possible – your body with thank you for it! “