Permanent Hair Dye No PPD Coloursafe Hazelnut No.6.43


Permanent Hair Dye from NaturVital is Free from PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol, and Parabens. This permanent dye provides 100% grey coverage and intense bright colour without damaging the hair structure. This Hair Dye formula has been enriched with Sunflowers, Sesame, Aloe Vera and Plant Keratin.

No PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), AMMONIA, RESORCINOL, PARABENS.
Maximum Grey hair coverage.


Natur Vital Permanent Hair Colour


Friendly to your hair this PPD, ammonia, resorcinol, and no paraben hair colour provides 100% grey coverage and intense bright colour without damaging the hair structure. Certified organic Sunflower extract protects the colour of the hair; natural or dyed while Plant Keratin protects the inner structure of the hair and adds shine and a silky touch. Aloe Vera enzymes & amino acids moisturise, protect and give hair strength and flexibility.

Active Ingredients – Certified Organic

Plant Keratin contains a combination of 18 natural amino acids, obtained from Wheat and Soya, with a similar structure to the natural hair keratin. Plant Keratin protects the inner structure of the hair while adding shine and soft touch.

Sunflower: The oil extracted from its seeds, rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, protects the colour of the hair; natural or dyed, against the aggression from ultraviolet light and free radicals.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel contains polysaccharides, enzymes and amino acids that moisturize, protect and give the hair softness, strength and flexibility.


  • Maximum grey hair coverage.
  • Intense bright colours.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Colour protection.


  • 60 ml tube of colouring cream.
  • 60 ml applicator bottle of Colour Developer.
  • 10 ml sachet of NaturVital Aloe Vera Shampoo.
  • 20 ml sachet of NaturVital Aloe Vera Hair mask.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
NOTE: People sensitive to PPD can also be sensitive to other ingredients in Coloursafe formula, as for example ‘Toulene – 2, 5-diamine sulfate’. These dyes are aimed at users who want to avoid the cumulative effect of these ingredients. You must do a sensitivity test 48h before the use of the hair dye.


  • Do not use to dye eyebrows, eyelashes or moustaches
  • Do not apply to hair that has been dyed with metal salts or with henna.  Wait until the effects of the aforementioned products have worn off before applying NaturVital Permanent Hair Colour.

2 reviews for Permanent Hair Dye No PPD Coloursafe Hazelnut No.6.43

  1. ‎Blandine Massiet Du Biest‎

    I’m using Permanent Hair Dye PPD Coloursafe Hazelnut No.6.43, the colour is much darker on my hair than on the cover of the box (my hair is light brown) but I ended up with a coppery colour that I love. The shampoo that comes with it gives a silky shine to the hair, which is even better. I really love the feeling of dying my hair without nasty products and I’m not even speaking of the price difference from when I have it done by a hairdresser!!!! Oh! and the orders are always dispatched super quickly.

  2. Yvonne Evie Freeman

    Oh my! This has to be the most brilliant product ever! Seriously, I’m trying to be calm and collect, but I feel I need to shout about this. I have severe scalp allergies and after many years have finally found a product that doesn’t make me itch, scratch, flake, or get red sore patches which need a steroid application. I just love this and wish I had found this year’s, ago and that’s many years ago! I’ve also just tried the hair colour for the first time a week ago… I’ve always used those brands I found in the local stores and been to many hair salons…but having a health issue now resulting in a lot of hair fallout I tried this brand of hair colour without all the nasties. Wow! Like wow! Seriously I was worried about colouring my hair now but… Brilliant with it came this shampoo and conditioner, I thought I’m trying this new hair colour let’s go the whole hog… Omg omg omg!!!! not an itch-scratch or allergy at all. I know this might sound unbelievable but seriously I’m a normal person with allergies and now a bad phase in life and this is brilliant! ❤️
    I love the feel of the shampoo, even after colouring my hair was soft and silky.. before conditioning! but the shampoo left it soft, then the conditioner made it even better, I think I would have been happy with only the shampoo! The conditioner was even better and a bonus!
    I’m so happy I found this product. Would so recommend this… Just love it!
    And three days later my hair smells amazing! ❤️

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