Mahogany Semi-Permanent ColourSafe Set


ColourSafe Colour Protection Set includes:

  • Semi Permanent PPD free and Peroxide-free Hair Colour Mahogany 60 ml
  • Henna Shampoo Mahogany 300 ml
  • Henna Hair Mask Mahogany300ml

ColourSafe line provides unique colour, while protecting and bringing health and shine to your hair. Our formulas include natural ingredients to maximize prolong hair colouring.


Corpore Sano Semi-Permanent Hair Colour – Mahogany

Corpore Sano Semi-Permanent Henna colouring cream, also known as tone-on-tone hair colour, is the ideal option for those who want to change their hair colour without using permanent dyes. This semi-permanent hair colour is ideal for intensifying, brightening or darkening hair tones. It is a close match to NaturVital Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Mahogany.


  • Natural grey hair coverage.
  • Intensifies & brightens hair colour.
  • Revives hair colour.
  • Fades in 6-8 washes

Coloursafe Henna Shampoo  300 ml

A new, double natural action formula that brightens and protects hair colour. Specially formulated for mahogany hair. Contains a mixture of henna and sunflower extracts that revive and protect the colour.

Coloursafe Henna Mask 300 ml

Coloursafe Henna Mask restructure and soften your hair, giving it a vibrant shine in five minutes. You can use the mask as often as you like. When used more often, it produces more intense highlights.


  • Protects and revives the hair colour.
  • Provides shine and brightness.
  • Leaves hair soft & healthy.
  • Extends the colour of the hair.


PLANT KERATIN reinforces the hair structure, providing softness and shine.
HENNA and SUNFLOWER protect your hair colour against external aggression.
ALOE VERA hydrates and protects the hair while leaving it soft, strong and supple.


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