Micellar Toner for Dry Skin 200ml


Dry skin Micellar Tonic with Marigold and Pomegranate extracts is ideal for cleaning the impurities of the skin, removes make-up traces, tones and moisturises the skin.



Dry Skin Micellar Facial Toner.

Marigold is highly protective and emollient. Soothes the irritated and inflamed skin thanks to the fatty substances which promote skin moisture. Its high content of saponins gives cleansing and purifying properties.

Pomegranate is an excellent antioxidant that contains essential fatty acids as well as vitamins with high antioxidant properties. It helps regenerate skin by providing elasticity, firmness and luminosity to the face.

Micellar Tonic can be used on a daily basis and as many times as necessary because it does not irritate or damage the skin. It is very convenient and easy to use: moisten a cotton disk with micellar tonic and apply to the skin using short, soft strokes (without rubbing). No rinsing required.

Parabens, colourants and silicones free.

– Moisturised and clean skin.
– Smooth and flexible skin.

Active Ingredients: Marigold, Pomegranate.

Vegan- Friendly


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