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NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
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by Leesa on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been using the Sensitive Frequent Use Camomile Shampoo and the Sage Conditioner together for several years now. I continue to use this as my hair always feels so soft and stays healthy. I have sensitive skin and have no issues with using these. The fragrance is also lovely.

by Victor on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Chestnut Dye

Applied first time 2 weeks ago. Given that I have been on the hair dye run for 5 years now (67), the chemical dyes never produced the natural colour and always too black or fade to red in the sun. Then found a hairdresser who used natural dyes but they faded after 2 weeks so I was back there every 2 weeks. In my search for finding a better solution I googled Permanent Hair Dyes and found your company. Delivery was efficient and informative all the way, I applied the Chestnut Dye and 3 weeks on, its still holding its colour and yay! it doesnt glow red in the sun. Not only does It smells and feels so good, it also holds it shape which is so important with my thinning hair. I am using the hair thinning treatment as well. I think its too early to tell but maybe it is this treatment that makes the hair have greater strength. I have made a big order to test it further with my partner who also suffers similar hair problems. She is so impressed with my improvement, she wants to try the same colour and treatment.
Next I will then see my hairdresser and show them your products as well as the results. I havent seen her for 3 weeks since I tried and hope she takes on your products. Note that they speciallise in natural dyes and perhaps they may have avoided the permanent solution as it means less work...but I think they will be so impressed they will join your growing list of customers.

by Margery on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Hair and Body Products

I use the Henna Blonde and the Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioner. Beautiful results. I have recently discovered the Aloe Vera Gel Moisturiser. First time I used it I thought it might be sticky on my skin. It wasn't, it was just fabulous. Shipping to Australia so easy, never fails. I love these products.

by B on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Hair Mask Black

I have dark blond hair with some grey. Particularly during the summer months when I swim often the sun and chlorine makes my hair very brassy and dull. I've always used a toner or purple wash but recently a friend suggested I try this hair mask. Well, I am really pleased with the result. Using the black hair mask on my lighter hair eliminates all the brassiness and without the harsh chemicals my hair remains soft and healthy.

by Pascale on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
My thoughts

I moved away from traditional hair colour when I realised how bad some of the chemicals were. I thought it would be easy to find a resorcinol etc free hair colour in Australia but it was surprisingly hard.
I found Naturvital and found they shipped to Aus so decided to give it a try.
I have been impressed.
The coverage though not quite as firm as permanent is remarkably good.
So far I have been using Nuturvital for 2 applications then the third month use other permanent hair dye. However I'm about to start using Naturvital for longer as I think it's coverage may hold on grey a lot longer.
Additionally it smells lovely, not nasty like other hair dyes and doesn't give the slight burning to the scalp that I get with others.
Naturvital feels very gentle.
Have been glad to find it!

by Veronica Ryan on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
New Lease of Life

I am 55 yrs old and, as you can imagine, have been dying my hair for some years now. Recently I had developed a very sore, tender scalp and when I dyed my hair, it felt as though my scalp was being burnt. The last time I coloured my hair, this burning sensation lasted for over a week and then I was left with an itchy, uncomfortable scalp. I knew it was the hair dye which was causing my problem and was devastated at the thought of having to go GREY. I asked my hairdresser what I could use and she wasn't sure so I popped in to see my local chemist and they had a natural hair dye product. I thought fantastic! I took it home, opened it and read the instructions and it stated quite clearly - 'Do not use if you have scalp sensitivity'. I was gutted and returned the product. I then got on google and found Davina and Naturvital. Davina was so helpful and so reassuring. I ordered my hair dye that day and it arrived two days later. I tested the dye on my scalp first, was thrilled it didn't sting, so I dyed my hair. I love the colour. I have had no stinging, itchy scalp, my husband loves it because it has no nasty odours that linger like my old hair dye did. But, most importantly, I feel and look the way I feel on the inside - vibrant and young!

by Lee-Anne Cummings on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Hair Colour

I have been in the Professional Hairdressing Industry for over 30 years. I have seen many different products over the years with many different claims. Here is my thoughts on this range.

Coverage is Excellent - 100% every time on coarse resistant 100% white hair.
NO fading to a warm brown, like many other products, this colour holds rich and true until next re-touch is due.
Scalp sensitivity - nothing to report, been using this product since first it came into NZ, no itching or redness
Application - I can get 2 re touch colours out of the one tube. Is easy to apply, good constancy and glides over hair with ease, even the resistant hair.
Shine and condition is superb, hair feels soft and holds is shine throughout the 6 weeks.
I would totally recommend this range of hair colour to anyone seeking a great colour and great results at an affordable costs.

Well done on sourcing this and bringing this into NZ hair market.

by Malcolm Przibilla on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia

Hi, have been using hair product for over 2 years, I have found both products and customer care fabulous. Luv recommending great companies with outstanding products 👍

by Dorothy New on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Excellent Hair Colour Product

I have been using an Italian product for years. Supposed to be enriched with herbal extracts but it contained PPD. Recently I developed a very itchy scalp. The itchiness went down to my eye lashes. I concluded that I was getting allergic to the product and I decided to stop using it.

While surfing the net to find another product which is PPD free I came across Natural Vital. After reading all the reviews I decided to try it. I have used the hair colour (black) and the henna shampoo since last year and I must say that my hair is looking so much better and the rash and itchiness of the scalp are gone.

I would recommend Natural Vital to everyone!

by Debbie on NaturVital New Zealand & Australia
Permanent Hair Colour

I've been dying my hair all my adult life and have a LOT of grey. The dye from supermarkets or pharmacy's always dried my hair out, and gave me skin irritation on my scalp for about a week after dying it. After using the NaturVital permanent PPD free hair dye for about 18 months, I can say I will never go back to the chemical laden dyes again. My hair is in great condition, and the dye really does cover 100% grey - I know because mine is completely grey. I do leave it on for longer than stated on the box for the colour to really set properly - around 45-50 minutes. There is no chemical smell either which is a big bonus for me as I have asthma, and the other chemical dyes used to set my asthma off quite often while I was applying the dye and waiting for it to set. All in all a fabulous product - love it!!!

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